The manufacture of photovoltaic units

Reden Industries has an 18,500 m2 production site in the south west. On the cutting edge of technology, the site has two production lines with a capacity of 65 MWc per year.
Iso 9001 and 14001 certified, this production site manufactures innovative modules.

Photovoltaic greenhouses : an intelligent agro-energy solution

A pioneer in 2009, Reden Solar group has since developed and manufactured 120 MW, the equivalent of 150ha of operating greenhouses.

Reden Solar works with the best greenhouse growers to put in place a unique photovoltaic concept, photovoltaic greenhouses, an ideal tool to combine agricultural competitiveness and energy performance.

With the aim of adding value to agricultural land, Reden Solar came up with an innovative solution which created an intelligent synergy between agricultural production and electrical production: the greenhouse with a photovoltaic roof.

Contact our team if you are a farmer looking for a trustworthy and experienced partner to create a win-win project.


Solar parks

Reden Solar group manages nearly 63 MWc in operation and construction and 250 MWc in development in France and internationally.

Reden Solar develops, builds and operates on targeted land: Polluted sites, storage areas for non-hazardous waste, reclaimed quarries.

Contact our team if you are the owner of a degraded site, profit from our know how for its rehabilitation and upgrading.


Photovoltaic shelters

Reden solar has joined forces with architectural professionals to offer a range of photovoltaic parking shelters.

The range offered includes several models to meet different requirements:

– ECOLOGICAL: rainwater collection, flower beds, charging stations for electric vehicles.
– DESIGN: rustic or closer to street furniture, always in keeping with the environment.
– ACTIVITY: we adapt our shelters to your professional requirements such as post limitations, lighting, landscape context, structures, freestanding or fixed and local urban planning.
These shelters provide comfortable parking for your clients and employees.
Contact our team, whether you are a public body, a small business or a large company, make the most of these spaces to improve the comfort and the welcome you give to your clients, your visitors or your colleagues.


Photovoltaic installation maintenance

Our ISO 9001 and 14001 certified team, available throughout France, guarantees the optimal functioning of our solar parks and those of our clients.
Today, more than 300 clients (individuals, investors, investment funds…) have confidence in our supervision and management of their assets over more than 500 sites.
  • Monitoring and analysis of inverters

  • Certification maintenance with inverter manufacturers

    ( ABB, Power one, LTI, SMA, KACO, Schneider, etc…)

  • Preventative and curative maintenance

  • HTA maintenance

  • Thermal analysis by drone

  • Plant cleaning by robot

  • Advisor to the fire service