REPURPOSING DEGRADED LAND thanks to ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants

REDEN develops projects for ground-mounted plants on land that is degraded or of limited value in an effort to rehabilitate it.

Polluted sites, storage centres for non-hazardous waste, repurposed quarries and brownfield land, etc. can, over time, be used for green energy production.


On trackers or fixed structures, ground-mounted solar power plants adapt to all sites.


Attentive to technological innovation, REDEN thus uses new generations of trackers, which make it possible to install photovoltaic power plants in areas hitherto considered too degraded.


REDEN accompanies you through all stages of the project, from the feasibility study to construction and maintenance. The Group is also attentive to the landscape insertion of its plants to offer adequate consistency with the environment.


In addition, eco-responsible maintenance of photovoltaic ground-based power plants is ensured thanks to eco-grazing. Coactivity between green electricity production and agriculture is henceforth possible.


As with all of its projects, these ground-mounted plants are supervised remotely by REDEN’s technical teams, who operate and maintain them for the duration of the lease.


Thanks to the ground-based photovoltaic power plant, generate economic benefits for you or your communities while sustaining the production of green electricity.

Do you own a degraded site?

Would you like to benefit from our expertise and rehabilitate and repurpose this site while generating a regular source of revenue?