Development and design

An optimised study for each project thanks to our in-house Design Offices and Agro-Environment department

Made up of experienced technicians and engineers (in agronomy, hydraulics, wetlands, etc.), the Development division carries out a personalised study for each project, enabling the optimisation of each of the greenhouses, orchard or car park shades, ground structures or rooftops developed by the Group. Our aim is simple: to provide a practical response to the needs of our land partners, whether they are public institutions, private groups or farmers, while ensuring that solar power plants have a neutral or even positive impact on the environment and biodiversity.


Our key factors of attention:

  • Designing power plants in consultation with all local stakeholders (local authorities, businesses, associations)
  • Safeguarding local biodiversity
  • Managing waste at each stage of our functioning (construction, operation, dismantling)

In addition to selling electricity at fixed, regulated tariffs, REDEN is positioning itself to develop major photovoltaic projects through private PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements), namely over-the-counter energy sales contracts between green electricity producers and major industrial and tertiary consumers or aggregators.

On a more local basis, REDEN is one of the founders of France’s first label certifying the supply of green electricity of controlled origin (EVOC), which provides a guarantee to future customers of a 100% renewable energy generated on that territory.