[ARTICLE] La Nuova Venezia – Investment in the old NATO base

In Ceggia, photovoltaics is looking to the future with the “Concrete reuse of disused areas”.

The French multinational REDEN SOLAR, one of the world leaders in photovoltaics, is investing in the former NATO base at Ceggia, where it will build a remarkable solar power plant.

[…] Present on the Italian market since mid-2021, it has already developed projects in eight countries, focusing on industrial photovoltaics and agrivoltaics.

[…] “REDEN’s philosophy is sustainability in every respect”, states [Luca] Crisi, [Country Manager Italy at REDEN]. “That is why we focus on rehabilitating abandoned quarries and industrial areas. The project in Ceggia is a concrete example of our commitment to sustain the regions […]”.

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